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18 April 2013

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EXpAnding LTE for Devices

EXALTED (EXpAnding LTE for Devices) is an Integrating Project (IP) of the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The project started on 1st September 2010, and is set out to run for thirty months.

It has undefinedthirteen partners from six European countries, and is coordinated by Sagemcom SAS, France. Together with its strong industry consortium, involvement in standards bodies and industrial fora is core to EXALTED activities and part of its key objectives.

The primary focus of EXALTED is to lay out the foundations of a new scalable network architecture supporting most challenging requirements for future wireless communication systems, whilst providing secure, energy-efficient and cost-effective Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications for low-end devices.

From EXALTED point of view, M2M communications between capillary networks will be supported by a new LTE-M backbone, which will be a 3GPP Release 8 compatible extension of LTE.

The LTE-M extension aims to fulfill the specific energy, spectrum, cost, efficiency constraints of M2M communications, whilst not hindering current LTE devices to operate normally on the LTE network.


EXALTED - High level system